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You can sell your custom videos on our platform. When enabling this feature you will be able to send a unique video to a fan.

A custom video has to be custom and fully unique. This means that you and the fan first will have to discuss through chat or DM what he would like to see and for what price. Once you both agree the user can put in a request and these requests will appear in your "custom videos" overview.

Token prices overview

Below a simply breakdown of token prices (what the user submits) and what you receive.

Token price (user)Tokens in USD (user pays)Tokens in USD (you receive)



As you can see there are several "states" a custom video can be in:

1) Accepted

This simply shows an overview of all the custom video requests you have accepted.

2) Declined

This is an overview of all the custom video requests you declined.

3) Pending

This is an overview of all the custom video requests you haven't decided on yet.

4) Encoding

This is an overview of all the custom videos currently encoding.

5) Pending approval

After uploading the video a moderator has to approve the video and make sure the video contains the material requested by the user. If correct it will be accepted, if not it will be declined and the tokens will be returned to the user.

When receiving a custom video request

When you receive a custom video request you will receive a DM about this. Simply follow the links in the DM or visit the "Custom Videos" section.

This will show you an overview of your requests where you can either accept or decline them.


When you accept it will take you to a form where you can upload the video and add a message as a thank you. Upload the video and it will go the "encoding" status. Once it is encoded it will go to moderator approval

Moderator Approval

Every single custom video will be approved by a moderator.

Upon approval

When approved the revenue will be cleared and added to your sales.

Upon decline

When declined the revenue will be refunded to the user.

A moderator will decline a clip if (but not limited to):

  1. Quality is simply too low
  2. The content is not what is discussed
  3. Duration is not met

You will receive a DM notifying you of the approval process.


Please note that custom clips, if accepted, can never be upload as public or premium content.

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